How to find artisanal Welsh products in Cardiff's local shops?

Cardiff, the vibrant capital city of Wales, is a treasure trove of unique, locally made and artisanal Welsh products. This city, with its high streets lined with quaint shops, bustling marketplaces and a thriving arts scene, offers a plethora of opportunities for anyone wanting to delve into the rich Welsh culture. Allow us to guide you on how to find some of the best Welsh goods, from delicious food items, handcrafted gifts, stunning artworks, to exclusive gin varieties that the charming city of Cardiff has to offer.

Exploring Cardiff’s City Centre for Local Welsh Food Products

The city centre of Cardiff is a buzzing hub filled with local shops that carry a wide array of Welsh food products. Whether you're looking for farm-fresh produce, artisanal cheese, or Welsh cakes, the city centre has it all.

Start your day by visiting the famous Cardiff Market, a Victorian indoor market nestled in the heart of the city. It’s filled with stalls that sell fresh seafood, locally sourced meats, and traditional baked goods. Don’t forget to try the laverbread, a traditional Welsh delicacy made from seaweed.

If you have a sweet tooth, Fabulous Welshcakes is a must-visit. Located near Cardiff Castle, this shop churns out fresh, warm Welsh cakes daily. For those who are unfamiliar, Welsh cakes are a cross between a cookie, a scone and a pancake, served hot from the griddle - a perfect treat on a chilly Welsh day.

Discovering Handcrafted Gifts in Cardiff’s Craft Centres

Cardiff’s craft centres are ideal destinations to find unique, handcrafted gifts. These centres often house multiple craft shops under one roof, each offering a different type of product, all locally made with a touch of Welsh heritage.

The Craft in the Bay, located in Cardiff Bay, boasts a wide collection of contemporary craft and applied art from across Wales. From beautiful ceramics, glasswork, textiles, to intricate jewellery, the centre showcases the very best of Welsh craftsmanship.

If you're looking to find something unique and bespoke, visit the Makers Guild in Wales. This shop features a collection of handcrafted products from over 70 artists and crafters from across Wales.

Admiring Art pieces from Local Cardiff Artists

The art scene in Cardiff is as diverse and dynamic as its people. There are numerous galleries and spaces across the city where you can view and purchase original artworks from local artists.

The Albany Gallery, located in the city’s suburbs, has been showcasing contemporary fine art from Welsh and British artists for over 50 years. Its exhibitions change regularly, ensuring a fresh and exciting collection for visitors to admire and potentially buy.

Cardiff's street art scene is also worth a visit. City streets are adorned with murals and graffiti that reflect the city's vibrant arts and culture. Womanby Street is a particular hotspot for street art, where you can witness the city's creative spirit.

Sourcing the Perfect Welsh Gin in Cardiff’s Local Shops

Wales might be known for its whisky, but the Welsh gin scene has been making waves too. Cardiff itself is home to several local distilleries and shops that stock a variety of locally produced gin.

Eccentric Gin is one such distillery. They offer a wide variety of gin flavours, all distilled and bottled in the heart of Cardiff. Their Cardiff Dry Gin, with botanicals that include wild sunflower and gorse flower, is a tribute to the city's rich history.

For local gin shopping, visit Wally’s Liquor Cellar, located in the Castle Quarter Arcade. This shop stocks an impressive range of Welsh gins, including those from smaller, lesser-known distilleries.

Finding Christmas Gifts in Cardiff’s Local Shops

When Christmas rolls around, Cardiff transforms into a winter wonderland, and Christmas shopping becomes a delight. The city is dotted with local shops that offer perfect gifts for the festive season.

Stroll down the Cardiff Christmas Market, where over 200 local artisans come together to sell their goods. From handmade Christmas decorations, ceramic pieces, jewellery, to artisanal food items, it's a one-stop shop for all your Christmas gifting needs.

The Castle Welsh Crafts, located opposite Cardiff Castle, is yet another place to find unique Welsh Christmas gifts. From Welsh love spoons, traditional Welsh clothing to Celtic jewellery, it offers a charming selection of gifts that embody the Welsh spirit.

Remember, shopping locally not only supports the local economy but also reduces your carbon footprint. So, next time you visit Cardiff, do take the time to explore its local shops and discover the beautiful artisanal products that this Welsh city has to offer. Happy shopping!

Experiencing the Unique Liquor Scene in the Morgan Quarter and High Street Arcades

The Morgan Quarter and High Street Arcades are known for their collection of independent boutiques and food and drink shops. If you're a connoisseur of beverages, be it liqueur, ale or non-alcoholic, these arcades, with their local produce, will not disappoint.

Venture into Wally’s Delicatessen located in the Morgan Quarter, an emporium of global and local gourmet food and drink. They have a separate Liquor Cellar where you can find an extensive collection of Welsh gin, whisky and ale. Every bottle on the shelf tells a tale of the rich heritage of Welsh brewing and distilling.

For non-alcoholic options, pop into Waterloo Tea in the Wyndham Arcade. This local tea company is known for its wide range of ethically sourced teas from around the world. You can also find Welsh Brew Tea, a traditional blend that is a favourite among the locals.

Wally’s and Waterloo Tea are not just shops but experiences that imbibe the spirit of Cardiff's local culture. A visit to these stores is an opportunity to explore the city's unique liquor scene and delve into its rich history.

Castle Arcade – A Haven for Artisanal Welsh Crafts

The Castle Arcade, one of Cardiff's Victorian arcades, reflects the city's cultural heritage and is a paradise for anyone seeking Welsh crafts. The arcade is home to an array of shops selling locally made goods that are representative of Cardiff's creative prowess.

Castle Welsh Crafts, located within the arcade, is a treasure trove of traditional Welsh items. Here, you can find the famous 'Love Spoons', intricately carved wooden spoons that are a traditional Welsh symbol of love and friendship. The shop also offers a variety of other handcrafted goods such as Welsh dolls, slate products, and Celtic jewellery.

Another notable shop in the arcade is The Welsh Gift Shop, which offers a variety of gifts, from Welsh language books, Welsh flags, to clothes bearing the Welsh dragon. Every item in this shop has a story to tell, an echo of Welsh history and tradition.

Remember, when you buy from these shops, you're not just purchasing a product, but you're also supporting local artisans and contributing to the local economy.


Cardiff, with its rich historical background and vibrant culture, offers a unique shopping experience that is authentic and engaging. Every shop, every street, and every product tells a story, reflecting the city’s character and its people’s creative spirit.

Whether it's the decadent Welsh food in the city centre, the artisan crafts in the bay, local art pieces that add colour to the city, the unique liquor scene within the arcades, or the festive spirit that comes alive during Christmas shopping - Cardiff’s local shops celebrate Welsh heritage in the most beautiful, tangible ways.

In Cardiff, shopping is not just a transaction but an exploration of culture, a journey that takes you through the lanes of history and tradition. So, on your next visit to Cardiff, remember to take a piece of Wales back with you, etched in the unique and artisanal products it offers. Happy exploring and shopping!

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